Sex Offenses

Sex Offense Criminal Defense in Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown. Northampton and Lehigh County.

An extended prison term, lifetime registration as a sex offender, heavy fines and a ruined reputation – these are all possible consequences of a sex crime conviction for a defendant in Pennsylvania. These crimes involve criminal acts that are of a sexual nature. Improper sexual conduct with a minor, forced or nonconsensual sexual intercourse, and deviant sex acts may all be considered sex crimes. These may be charged as felonies or misdemeanors depending on the nature and severity of the offense. A defendant’s entire life may be changed.

It is extremely important to have your case evaluated by a skilled, knowledgeable and trial-tested attorney to determine all your potential defenses and to pursue those defenses aggressively when necessary to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf.

It only makes sense to know all your options before making a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

Attorney Minotti is aware of all the potential pit falls including but not limited to mandatory prison sentences and Megan’s Law registration implications. As a former Assistant District Attorney and experienced criminal defense attorney Mark Minotti can offer you the level of representation needed to evaluate your case and aggressively defend your rights.

If you are charged with or accused of a sex offense and are in need of experienced legal representation contact Mark Minotti.

When you are charged with a sex crime, you will often face the court of public of opinion before you even set foot in the court room.  Even if you are only under investigations, the stigma of being accused of a sex offense can last a lifetime.   If you are convicted of a sex crime you will can face heavy fines, extended prison terms and having to register as a sex offender.  Having to register as a sex offender will have repercussions that will affect you personally, socially, and professionally for the rest of your life.

Due to the sensitive nature of sex crimes, you need an experienced and qualified criminal defense lawyer.   Call Mark Minotti immediately.  Mark Minotti is a skilled, knowledgeable and trial-tested attorney who will help you navigate this sensitive matter and defend you aggressively in court.  Even if you are only under investigation at this time, or if you are only facing an accusation, the quicker you hire Mark Minotti, the better chance you will have at a successful outcome.  Do not wait for an accusation to turn into a criminal charge, call Mark Minotti today.

Mark Minotti can help if you have been charged or accused of:

Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Solicitation of Prostitution, Prostitution, Indecent Exposure, Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Rape, Statutory Rape, Sexual Exploitation, Molestation, Sexual Indecency, Failure to Register as Sex Offender and other Sex Offenses.