Protection From Abuse (PFA)

Protection from abuse in Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown. Northampton and Lehigh County.

Mark Minotti will help you if you need protection from domestic abuse or if you need help defending a domestic violence accusation.

A Protection from Abuse order (PFA) is issued by a judge in order to protect a person from domestic abuse.  PFA’s are only issued after a hearing.  Make sure to hire a knowledgeable attorney like Mark Minotti to help advocate for your need to get a PFA order.  Not all legal representation is the same, protect your rights by hiring Mark Minotti today.

When you are married or have children, PFA proceedings can affect your divorce, custody and support matters.  A PFA can have ramifications that go beyond a simple restraining order.  Having an experienced attorney in your corner will help guide you through this process.

If you are facing a Protection From Abuse claim, do not think you can go to court unrepresented.  Court rules are complicated and confusing.  Mark Minotti is knowledgeable with a proven track record.  Hire Mark Minottito protect your rights and defend against your Protection from Abuse (PFA) Claim.