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juvenile offense criminal defense.

Experienced Juvenile Crimes Criminal Defense in Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown.

If you are a parent whose child is facing a juvenile delinquency case, it is very important to get a serious and aggressive juvenile lawyer to help your child.

The practice of juvenile law is not just about defending minors against criminal accusations – it is about making a difference in juveniles’ lives. These cases are often about keeping the juvenile out of the system, if they are innocent, or pursuing rehabilitation if they are guilty.

While most juveniles’ cases are heard in juvenile court, sometimes juveniles can be charged as an adult in more serious cases.

It is extremely important to have your case evaluated by a skilled, knowledgeable and trial-tested attorney to determine all your potential defenses and to pursue those defenses aggressively when necessary to obtain the best possible outcome on your child’s behalf.

It only makes sense to know all your options before making a decision that will affect the rest of your child’s life.

If your child has been accused of a juvenile offense and you're looking for representation contact Mark Minotti today.

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